#103 Goth Boo

Meet Goth Boo, the older cousin of Benny and Betsy Boo. Goth is majoring in Scary Film Production at Boo Boo U. Some of her movie inspirations are “Wait Until Dark”, “Meet Joe Black” and “Twilight.” She entered two short films in the Moon Dance Film Festival and won awards for both! She won the Bleeding Heart award for her French love story (with English subtitles), “Deux Fantômes dans L’amour” and the coveted Wicked Wit award for her movie spoof, “Four Funerals and a Wedding.” Goth is one talented ghoul.


#102 Betsy Boo

Betsy Boo is the youngest of the Boo haunted household. The family calls her “itsy bitsy Betsy” because she was so tiny when she was born. Betsy’s 4-Haunts troop – the Chilling Chicks – placed first in the annual Spooky Cove fair with their terrifyingly trained Venus Fly Traps (needless to say, there are no flies at the 4-Haunts troop meetings!) Betsy’s favorite subject in school is ghost writing. She loves to make-up scary stories, and wants to write booooks. Her favorite authors are H. G. Wails and Steven Spooking.

Betsy is one little heart-stopping haunt.

#101 Benny Boo

Benny Boo is the oldest haunt of Betty and Bobby Boo. Benny is older than his twin sister, Betsy, by 13 minutes; and he never let’s Betsy forget that he’s the older haunt. He plays fright forward on his boosketball team, and is a poltergeist on the court. He’s transparently speedy and the other teams are scared-to-death to play against his team, the Spooky Cove Dare Devils. Benny likes school, and his favorite subject is mad science. Like his dad, Benny wants to attend Boo Boo U and play boosketball for the Boo Boo Banshees. Go! Bobby! Go!

#100 Betty Boo

Betty Boo says, “How do you do!?”

Betty runs the florist shop, The Bootiful Booquet, in the lobby of the CDW Haunted Hotel. She’s happily married to the love of her afterlife, Bobby, whom she met at Boo Boo U. Betty is magic with flowers. Her Poison Ivy wreaths will have you itching with happiness, and her Belladonna booquets are to-die-for! When she’s not creating spooktacular floral arrangements, Betty likes to read. Her current booook club selection is “The Playful Poltergeist” by Wane Dire. Betty loves to go on romantic midnight picnics with Bobby, cheer Benny’s boosketball team, and help with Betsy’s 4-Haunts troop.

Betty Boo is one sparkling specter!

#99 Bobby Boo

Bobby Boo is the Head Haunt at the CDW Haunted Hotel, located on Spooky Cove Drive in Eastern Clothespin Doll World. He’s happily married to the love of his afterlife, Betty, whom he met at Booregard Boo University (commonly referred to as Boo Boo U), named in honor of his famous grandfather, Booregard Boo. He and Betty have two lovely little twin haunts, Benny and Betsy. Bobby likes to float around town with Betty and scare up a good time with friends, coach Benny’s boosketball team, and lead Betsy’s 4-Haunts troop.

Bobby is one happy ghost!

#98 Hannah Marie

Hannah Marie likes writing and people. She likes to blend in so she can observe others and then write down her impressions. She’s writing a novel while she’s going to school. Her friends seek her out because she is interesting to talk to. She’s really smart and knows how to share ideas with others in ways they can easily understand.

#97 Louisa Loves to Dance

Louisa loves to dance. Pretty much any kind of dancing. She’s currently enrolled in a Jazz Dance class as well as Ballet. She wears her leotards to school, because they make her feel light and bouncy. Her favorite school class is P.E., because she likes to move around (but she’s also very good with math).

#96 Zinnia

This is Zoe’s mom, Zinnia. Zinnia is very proud of Zoe. Both mother and daughter are very creative. They both list “dreamer” as their finest attribute.

#95 Zoe

This is Zoe, who is a bit of a dreamer.

#94 Samantha and Zulma

Samantha’s favorite doll is from Guatemala. Her name is Zulma and she’s Samantha’s constant companion. They go everywhere together. Zulma stays in Samantha’s backpack while Sam’s at school, and then comes right out on the walk home. Samantha’s friends like Zulma, too. Zulma is a very friendly doll. So is Samantha!